Effect of aspirin administration on body weight and liver enzymes in male rats

Aspirin effects on rat body weight and liver enzymes





Acetylsalicylic acid, ALP, ALT, Aspirin, AST, Rat


The present study was conducted to evaluate the effects of aspirin on body weight and some liver enzyme in rats. The study was done in Veterinary Medicine College, Baghdad University. We used seventy two male rats and randomly divided into three groups (24 in each group). Group-1 was considered as control, Group-2 animals were treated by 40 mg/kg body weight (low-dose) of asprin and the Group-3 was treated by 100 mg/kg body weight (high-dose) of aspirin. The results showed no significant difference in bodyweight gain from 0 to 10 days in all groups, while the low and high-dose asprin treated rats showed decline in bodyweight gain on day 20 and day 30 of aspirin treatment. The liver enzymes, AST and ALT, increased significantly in high-dose of aspirin treated group on day 20 and 30 while the ALP was increased on all time-points in high-dose asprin treated group.


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Author Biography

Faraj Hato Johni Al-Bidhani, Middle Technical University

Medical Technical Institute, Department of Anesthesia, Lecturer


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