About the Journal

Annals of Medical Physiology (Ann Med Physiol.) is a publication of Quench Academy of Medical Education and Research (QAMER).

Annals of Medical Physiology (Ann Med Physiol.) is a portal for publication of original medical physiology articles, reviews and brief communications. After completion of peer-review and editorial processes, Ann Med Physiol. publishes accepted papers immediately as ‘Forth coming’ and then collated into published version quarterly (Jan-Mar, Apr-June, July-Sept, Oct-Dec). Submitted articles will only be considered for publication if they are appropriate for an international wide-ranging medical physiology readership, and possess strong evidence of accurate and reliable experimental data with possible clinical applicability.

Published articles are digitally preserved / archieved at PKP PN, The Keepers Registry, Internet Archive, Openarchives, Deccan College of Medical Sciences - CRIS.